Fine Art Photography

Aesthetically Evaluative

This project was all about creating something aesthetically beautiful and interesting. It was about the awe and the beauty of nature.

Environmental Portraits

In this project, I wanted to capture people in the environments that most expressed their personalities. It was the backgrounds of the images that made them work and added an extra element to the portraits.


In this photo shoot, I wanted to play around with how make-up can not only affect the face but also the confidence of the individual wearing it. I gave the model no direction and let her interpret the looks for herself.


For this project, I was looking for similar angles, lines, and curves in nature. I wanted to show how seemingly different objects were in fact very similar. There are three groups of images, each containing 2 comparisons.

Hours of the Day

The idea of this project was to take multiple images at the same location at different times of the day. It was a study of light, shadow, and contrast.

Photographs of Photographs

These photographs are meant to show an interpretation of depression and anxiety that occurs within us as humans. I took the photographs once, printed them on an inkjet printer, folded and crumbled them, and then retook the photographs.


For this project, I wanted to portray images of my friends next to their mementos. The idea was that the things said something about the people and vise versa.

Child Abuse

In this project I wanted to explore the ethical issue of child abuse in its four basic forms. These images portray the abuses of neglect, malnutrition, health, and emotions. I wanted the images to be stark and harsh in order to show the severity of the issue.

The Sublime

With this project, I wanted to use small natural objects and scenes found outside and create sublime images. I wanted to play with size and perspective within the project.

A Day in the Life

In this project, I wanted to give the viewer a glimpse into the life of Traci, a regular college student and cheerleader. I wanted to explore angles and different perspectives.

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