Graphic Design

Regina Bakery

Regina Bakery is a local, family owned bakery in the heart of the west side of Cincinnati. Known for their deluxe selections of breads and pastries, Regina Bakery needed a little unifying when it came to their branding. My solution was to create a brand that said, “Hey, we are modern, yet old school, we connect with all walks of life, we are current.”

Xavier University Art Department Poster

This project involved creating a poster for the Department of Art. The poster had to include all the programs in the Art Department while also giving some general information about the department as a whole. In addition, we had to exemplify the spirit of the Department of Art  and capture this essence in the poster. For my design, I chose to keep the mood light and airy, as I this is what the department feels like to me. Everyone in the department is a unique individual, which is represented by the vast array of arrows and concentrations, yet, in the end, we all represent one thing, the department.

YMCA Annual Report

For this project, I wanted to recreate the YMCA’s annual report from 2013. I wanted the annual report to feel fun and family friendly as well as sophisticated enough for a business geared document. I used the logo from the YMCA as inspiration for the entire book. the shape mimicks the arrow of the Y in the logo. It not only helps with the consistency of the design, but also shows how the YMCA is moving forward in the next year and many years to come.

DJ Phenom

This design is a DJ logo to place on T-shirts, laptops, business cards, and other supplies. The client normally DJ’s parties at Xavier, Xavier events, and smaller events around Cincinnati, but wanted to grow his client base and expand. The new identity was the perfect way to do this. Like most DJ logos, Jay, the client, wanted to keep the mark very sleek and simple, while embodying the feeling of music.

Petals-N-Glass Boutique

Petals-N-Glass is a small family owned flower shop on the West Side of Cincinnati. The shop is quaint and charming, yet also laid back. This was the look I was trying to achieve while designing this logo. The main challenge was making sure I strayed away from the typical flower shop logo, since it is overused. I wanted to create something that seemed light and cheerful, but also had an heir of elegance.

Krohn Conservatory Magazine

Since the Krohn Conservatory of Cincinnati didn’t have a logo or an identity of any sort, I thought their business and their fall show would make a perfect magazine and article. I was inspired by the Art Deco movement, since the building is built in that style, as well as Native American designs., since the fall show harkens back to flowers and plants of the natives. I wanted the magazine to be family friendly and simple. My main goal was to give the Krohn Conservatory an outlet for new shows and programs as well as an identity.

The Crows Nest

The Crows Nest is a small pub known for it’s unique slightly rugged atmosphere as well as its famous fish sandwich. Any Lenten Friday, loads of people come out just to get a taste of it and sip some beer with friends. It’s a small, relaxed place that just needed a bit of a tune up. Through this logo, I wanted to incorporate an Irish feel all within a boxed, small space. I wanted the word mark to mimic the building of the Crows Nest.

Camp Stonybrook

Camp Stonybrook is a Girl Scout Summer Camp for girls ages 8 to 14. Containing activities such as hiking, swimming, fire building, low ropes, and archery, Camp Stonybrook needed a logo to show its fun and lively atmosphere. For this logo, I didn’t want it to become an average “camp logo.” Instead, I wanted to combine the initials of the camp, S and C, into a swirling circle to show an atmosphere full of life and happiness.

Book Design:

Charlie and the Chocolate Factory and Alice in Wonderland

For this book cover design project, I chose to do a combined project with Charlie and the Chocolate Factory and Alice in Wonderland. I wanted to convey they were first, designed by the same company, and second, meant for the same audience. Since both of these books places the reader in a dizzying maze of delight, I wanted to with the cover give this same impression of confusion and awe. I wanted the reader to be entranced, to pick up the novel and delve into the small vectored drawings. Each vector was hand drawn, scanned in, vectorized, and then pieced together one by one to create the pattern seen.

Infographic: Favorite Ice Cream Flavor

This is an infographic on favorite ice cream flavors, toppings, and ways to eat ice cream. I wanted to poster to feel fun and family friendly as well as sophisticated enough for an adult audience. I wanted the infographics to not only be graphs but to also use the elements involved to show the concepts portrayed. For example, jars of toppings express the amount of favorite toppings of America. The larger the jar, the more popular the topping is. The colors were inspired by the colors of Sherbet ice cream.

Knit for the Needy

Knit for the Needy is a club created at the University of Cincinnati. It’s goal is to knit scarves and hats for free and then donate them to charity. The goal for this logo was to create a design that spoke to both genders. Since it was for a college environment, they wanted the logo, and in turn the club, to appeal to all people. Because of this, I used humor and a sense of pride as the main elements.


Beans-N-Cream is a small, down home coffee shop in the little town of Cedarville, Ohio. Having an audience of mainly college age students and families of the small town area, I wanted to create a hip mark while keeping in mind the uniqueness of this small town. I wanted the mark simple while expressing the feeling of drinking warm coffee with friends on a cool autumn day. I wanted to give Beans-N-Cream an identity that told the town they are not only trendy and hip but also warm and cozy.

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